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Team Building

A picture's worth a 1000 words!

Team Building Details

Get your most valuable assets out of your office and into a super fun, once in a lifetime experience!  Treat them to a pizza making experience and have them make their own pizza from start to finish.  This is our fastest growing offering to date.  It's just a really fun experience and allows people to let their hair down so to speak.  We can get very creative with this class by breaking people up in teams, creating contests with prizes, give-aways, etc. 

Class starts off with a dough tossing lesson, followed by a brief history about New Haven Style Pizza, then we get into the nuts and bolts of teaching you how to make this style of pizza.  Dough, sauce, balling, stretching, assembling, launching, baking, cutting and eating are all covered.

Free Foxon Park soda and Italian music played through out each class.

Shirts and aprons are available for additional fee as well as take aways from the class.  I love to talk to people as there are many options we can do such as pizza making v. pizza learning, fun competitions, etc. 

Contact me at or (203) 506-9126

$1,600 for up to 10 people, then $133 per person additonal after that.  Travel fees to corporate locations may vary 

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