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Tools & Ingredients Links

This is a list of everything we used in class.  Please ask any questions at

I highly recommend getting the flour, mozzarella, Pecorino Romano and tomatoes at your local food store.  I have included links below as well for ease of purchase.


I have a separate page for purchasing the Pizza Steel for your home oven here:
IR Temp Gun -

High Heat Gloves -


These are affiliate links which means I make a very small % per item you buy.  Trust me, I’m not retiring anytime soon.  If you would like to support me great, if not, you are free to buy elsewhere.

Dough Including Balling


Kitchen Aide Home Mixer -

Scale -

King Arthur Bread Flour -

Yeast -

Wooden Spatula -

Wisk -

Spring Water -


Morton Sea Salt -
Kosher Salt Flakes -

Glad 6 cup containers -

Flour Dredge pan -

Dough cutter/flour Scraper -

Sandwich bags for freezing dough -

PAM Spray for dough containers -

Room Temp Tap Water & Teaspoon I assume you have!




Can Opener -

Cento “San Marzano” 28 oz. Can (6 pack) -

Stainless Steel food mill -

Cambro 6 quart container (for tomatoes) -

5 oz sauce ladle -

Morton Sea Salt -
Kosher Salt Flakes -

Dry Oregano -



Pecorino Romano Hard Cheese -

Whole Milk, Low Moisture Mozzarella -

Fine grind semolina flour -

Sclafani Olive Oil -

Squirt Bottle for Olive Oil -

Wood peel for launch -

Steel peel for retrieve -

Box Grater -



Cooling rack -

Pepe’s Famous Rectangle Sheet Pans -

White Deli Paper -

Dexter 5” Pizza Cutter -

Traditional Round Pizza Pan -

16” Cardboard Pizza Boxes -

Cheap White Pizza Plates -

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